Stunning babe in green bikini goes wild at pool

It can be a rather hard task to do something on a hot day. After all when the weather is really hot all I can think about is diving into cool water of a pool and just trying to survive the day. I know there are people who are stronger than me and who can cope with the heat easier but it is hard to imagine that in my mind still.

Anyway juicy Brazilian hottie agrees with me that it is better to survive a hot day in cool water but she chooses to do something wilder than just relaxing in the pool. She puts on a tiny green bikini that hardly covers her big boobs and round butt and jumps into the pool. Somehow cool water just makes her feel even hotter so she needs to get out of it, to get rid of her tiny outfit and to do something to deal with the pulsation inside her cunt. She takes a doggy position to satisfy her shaved pussy with a solo scene but that does not help her to reach the goal and she seduces her boyfriend into giving her the pleasure she needs. Luckily he is always ready to please his curvy, sex-hungry and even wild girlfriend and is more that happy to thrust his erected dick deep into her throat for a start and then into her wide-open cunt.