Hottie drinks sperm like water on a hot day

When days are hot and sun is shining brightly people tend to think only about hiding in the shade to cool down. Usually people hide in their houses where they turn on air conditioning and enjoy cool temperature, cold drinks and doing nothing at all.

Busty Brazilian chick chooses another way of surviving on a hot summer day. She puts on a tiny outfit, dives into an outdoor pool and allows the sun to caress her curvy body. Her plan works so well that her boyfriend comes up to her and asks her if they can share the pool together. They start chatting about little things and soon come up to an idea of discussing their sexual fantasies. From discussing is only one step to fulfilling those dreams into real life. So soon they say good-bye to their tiny outfits and focus on licking, caressing, squeezing, rubbing and pleasing each other in every possible way that comes into their sex-hungry minds and that includes deep asshole ruining. Sure, the hottie drinks every drop of sperm in the end because she feels rather thirsty on that hot day.