Outdoor workout turns into a rodeo on a dick

Majority of people choose to work out in gyms with different equipement and air conditioning. After all it is so easy to get sweaty and dirty when working out on a green lawn and the water cooler is not around the corner. Of course it is so pleasant to use all these benefits of a good gym but nothing can substitute attention that a hot babe gets when she works out in the park.

Slim brunette puts on a tiny bikini that allows her to move freely but does not hide the beauty of her hot smoking body from the world. She does a couple of stretching exercises and gets so excited that she simply needs to take off her bikini. This is when a dude, who is walking by, sees the picture of a beautiful and totally naked brunette stretching her muscles. He simply can’t pass without doing something and this is why he drags the hottie into the outdoor pool. They do not stay underwater for long because it is impossible to do a deep blowjob or a cunnilingus this way. Luckily they can play all sex games they want on green grass by the pool. Watch more Brazilian porn