Hot Brazilian couple gets doggy orgasm on hot day

Everybody knows that heat makes people slow down, dream about cold drinks and relax on soft sand in the shade but some people only get extra energy from the heat or at least it seems so. Such people adore spending time outdoors, partying with friends and even making hot sex right in the middle of the heat.

Stunning Brazilian cutie is one of such super people who love sun caressing their bare skin. She confesses she loves such weather because she can put tiny bikinis and outfits that do not hide the beauty of her stunning body. In fact she puts on a tiny T-shirt and bikini when she goes out but then decides she feels too hot and gets rid of the T-shirt. Somewhere on the walk she meets her boyfriend and they both realize they feel too hot for a usual walk. They do not want to go indoors because it can be rather stuffy there but prefer to take doggy position on green grass and enjoy fresh air, soft lawn and each other at the same time. They play their favorite sex games till they both are satisfied and the hot babe even gets a portion of fresh sperm all over her smiling face.